Replace foreign coal with U.S. LNG

The U.S. can expand the availability of natural gas through permitting reform to reduce emissions and increase energy security

Solving the Energy and Climate Crises

Increased infrastructure, like pipelines and export terminals, will rapidly increase LNG supply to replace foreign coal, thereby protecting the climate, strengthening the economy, lowering energy costs and bolstering energy security.
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Our Motive

We are driven by a desire to responsibly solve complex global energy and climate problems.

Our Goal

Lower energy costs, bolster energy security, improve quality of life, and protect the climate through increased natural gas production.


less CO2 emitted by natural gas than coal to produce the same power


of Americans support increasing natural gas production

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of U.S. power generation emissions reductions over the past 15 years were driven by coal-to-natural gas switching.

Understanding the Moment

The U.S. has led the world in lowering greenhouse emissions over the past 15 years and kept prices stable by switching to natural gas and renewables.

Yet geopolitical strife and inadequate access to reliable energy sources has led nations to revert to coal generation. As a result, global emissions in just the last year have surpassed the total greenhouse gas emissions reductions the U.S achieved with wind and solar over the last 15 years.