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Energy policy is foreign policy. The U.S. is a global leader in reducing carbon emissions and providing global energy security through LNG exports. Our policy decisions impact the entire world, so we must act on reason instead of politics.

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Pausing LNG Export Approvals Isn’t the Solution

The Biden Administration’s new pause on liquified natural gas (LNG) export approvals will contribute to global energy instability, slow emissions progress and disrupt markets leading to increased energy costs.

What the Biden administration is Jeopardizing

Energy Security

Only four countries supply nearly two-thirds of the world’s economically recoverable gas. If we restrict our gas exports, we'll leave allies and partners vulnerable to authoritarian regimes.

Climate Progress

U.S. LNG replaces coal use and reduces emissions. Restricting LNG exports means foreign coal keeps burning.

Economic Stability

We want affordable and stable energy prices for Americans. Over the past five years, increased U.S. LNG exports did not affect energy prices at home.

Permitting Reform is a Climate Imperative

Comprehensive permitting reform legislation that supports the simultaneous buildout of natural gas and other energy infrastructure is needed to unlock the decarbonizing tools at our disposal.

Build Infrastructure

Permitting reform will streamline the development of natural gas infrastructure, such as pipelines and LNG terminals.

Export Solutions

Improved infrastructure will lead to increased LNG exports, which help replace global coal and reduce emissions.


In 2022, U.S. LNG exports to Europe increased by 140% from the prior year - equating to 44% of Europe's total LNG imports.


Year development cycles and incomplete projects are preventing abundant American energy from reaching consumers here and abroad.


Global power sector emissions would be reduced by 30% if the world’s top 5% worst emitting power plants switched to natural gas.


Pausing LNG Export Approvals Will Carry Long-Term Risks For Our Allies And Ability To Meet Global Climate Goals

The Biden Administration’s pause on LNG exports will place our allies at the mercy of authoritarian regimes and won’t advance the fight against climate change
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Bipartisan Event Confirms Natural Gas Is An Integral Part Of The Clean Energy Transition

Permitting reform can unlock the potential of U.S. LNG to achieve our collective energy and climate goals.
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BPC Continues Permitting Reform Series, Analyzing Linear Infrastructure

Linear infrastructure– transmission lines and pipelines for hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and natural gas– transports energy, fuels, and CO2 from the point of creation to where they are needed.
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