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Partnership to Address Global Emissions Adds New Members Coterra Energy and NET Power


Today, the Partnership to Address Global Emissions (PAGE), a nonpartisan coalition of responsible energy companies, labor unions and leading climate advocates working to promote policies that reduce emissions by replacing global coal with U.S. natural gas, announced the addition of Coterra Energy and NET Power to its growing list of members.

Coterra Energy, a diversified energy company with U.S. natural gas assets in the Permian Basin, Marcellus Shale and Anadarko Basin, and NET Power, a clean energy technology company with a proprietary process that uses natural gas to generate electricity while capturing nearly all emissions, are joining PAGE to support its four main objectives:

  1. Replace foreign coal with a reliable, abundant supply of cleaner U.S. natural gas
  2. Improve global energy security and stability by providing a reliable source of energy to our allies
  3. Help countries meet their emissions reduction targets set out in the Paris Climate Accords
  4. Increase the supply of energy to reduce energy prices and expedite the transition to renewables

“NET Power transforms natural gas into one of the cleanest forms of power in the world,” said NET Power CEO, Danny Rice. “We are excited to work with our partners at PAGE to advocate for natural gas’ ability to sustainably power global energy systems.”

“Coterra is committed to responsible development of our assets and views emissions mitigation as a top engineering priority.” said Coterra CEO, Thomas E. Jorden.  “We embrace innovation, technology and data to deliver our products safely and cleanly. Natural gas is an important natural resource, and we are joining PAGE to encourage policymakers to realize its global decarbonization potential.”

PAGE’s membership now represents the full natural gas value chain, with members aligned on decarbonized natural gas from extraction to combustion. Since PAGE’s launch in October of 2022, our members, alongside our Advisory Council of climate experts, have collaborated on advancing policies to bring this climate solution to the world. To see a full list of members, visit the about us section of the website.

To learn more about PAGE, visit Partnership to Address Global Emissions.

To join our cause and advocate for U.S. natural gas, get involved here.