permitting Reform

Enacting comprehensive permitting reform will streamline the federal review processes to expedite infrastructure that will help solve the energy and climate crises.

Permitting reform is a climate imperative

Comprehensive permitting reform legislation that supports the simultaneous buildout of natural gas and other energy infrastructure is needed to unlock the decarbonizing tools at our disposal.

Domestic Policy

Permitting reform will streamline the development of natural gas infrastructure, such as pipelines and LNG terminals.

Global Impact

Improved infrastructure will lead to increased LNG exports, which help replace global coal and reduce emissions.


10+ year development cycles and incomplete projects are preventing abundant American energy from reaching consumers here and abroad.


The U.S. will need to double its LNG exports by 2028 to coal-dependent countries to encourage coal-to-gas switching.


Global power sector emissions would be reduced by 30% if the world’s top 5% worst emitting power plants switched to natural gas.


PPI: Permitting Reform Required for America’s Clean Energy Transition

The Progressive Policy Institute’s Paul Bledsoe and Elan Sykes find that America’s clean energy transition is dependent on permitting reform.
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Op-ed: This should be the year for permitting reform

PAGE Advisory Council member, Alex Herrgott, advocates for bipartisan compromise on permitting.
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BPC Continues Permitting Reform Series, Analyzing Linear Infrastructure

Linear infrastructure—transmission lines and pipelines for hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and natural gas—transports energy, fuels, and CO2 from the point of creation to where they are needed.
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